Claire's Graduation

Saturday morning Claire Elise graduated from High School from St. Francis Central Coast. We all went down to Aptos for the ceremony at 10am. Claire was Valedictorian and gave a great speech... she is off to Boston College next year!

I was a very proud 6th grader 18 years ago when Mimi asked me to be Claire's godmother! What a lucky girl I am to have such a beautiful, talented and smart god-daughter. We are proud of you Claire-bear.

Daddy and his little girl... only 18 years until you'll be at her graduation Dad!

How big is Francie!?... SO BIG!

Crawling around on the grass getting into trouble

Francie and Mom

John & Linda.... Emmy waking Francie-Doo

Claire's Aunts on both sides of the family... Sue Forst (Hi Sue!) and Jan

Aunt Marge and Carmen showing Francie Marmar's old bear :)

Cute Caroline

The Forst girls! (Uncle Andy's sister and her girls Nikki and Jacki)

Pretty in Pink... Nikki and Tony with Caroline (and they are expecting a new baby in October too!)

Jannie and Francie

Claire's god-parents.... Uncle Jack and Mare

The WHOLE family!

Aunt Mimi (proud mom) with Claire and I

Claire with her Aunts and Great-Aunt Marge

Joking around with her Uncle Jerry and Great Uncle Bob... (on a side note, we are SO PROUD of Uncle Jerry for winning a huge Poker Tournament to the tune of $19K and using $10K of it to enter THE World Series of Poker next month in Vegas!! Good Luck Uncle-Money-Maker Jerry!!!)

Optical Illusion? Uncle Jerry and Uncle Edward

That's more like it... with Aunt Marge

Ann and Matt

Emmy and her entourage

Cute girls Abby, Kelly and Mika

Jerry, James and Jack watching the races

Babies and kids LOVE EMMERS!

It was a beautiful sunny day at the beach for a "lawn party!"

Francie got to play with the big girls in the Ultimate playroom :)

and she found a friend in the yard...