Playdate in the Park

This afternoon we met a bunch of moms at a park in Palo Alto to play. It is a group who used to met at Cafe Baronne's on Thursday for "Blanket Babies" with pre-crawlers. We graduated to the park where they can be a little more active and cause some trouble. We saw some of our old friends and met some new ones. Melanie and Noah (Francie's FIRST playdate:) from our Bradley Childbirth class were there and we hadn't seen them since the babies were brand new so it was fun to see how big Noah is now. The weather even cooperated today, but it is supposed to get a little cooler this weekend. Where is the hot summer bubble suit weather?! Francie has some clothes to get at least one wear out of before she grows out of them ;)

Baby Noah

Hummm... lunch or my hand?

Elijah in a banana shirt chowing on a banana

The babies loved the mini-bubbles!

and any toy that is not their own.