3 Years

Heff and I went to dinner tonight with Francie to celebrate the three year anniversary of the night we met (yes, we are that cheesy). Our first date, which was a few nights after we first met, was at Sundance Mine Company in Palo Alto so we decided that would be a good spot for our date night/family dinner. We BIKED over there (yes we got bikes!) complete with our 7 flashing LED lights, 2 headlights and reflectors... safety first :) We had a great dinner and the little Doodle behaved herself very well for a night out with mom and dad.

Our bikes and the Chariot...
(Mine is blue with a polka dot seat and Heff's says "MP" supposedly for a Military Police bike but I think it is really for "Menlo Park." That's where we roll :)

"You mean when we come home it's going to be dark out!?"

Francie ready for a ride (she falls asleep in a few minutes riding in this thing)

Yesterday Heff had a lunch date with Francie so I could get some work done. He took her on the bike to the Palo Alto Children's Zoo (which he swears is just a glorified animal shelter since they boast a "Raccoon Exhibit" and have a one-eyed owl and coyotes). After the zoo they went to lunch all by themselves at Palo Alto Creamery and as Heff was riding up to the restaurant in front of all the outdoor diners the Chariot hit a bump and Francie sleeping off to one side of it threw the whole thing over on it's side in motion!! (Wasn't there a Jackass skit like this?) Needless to say Heff freaked out along with all the other people watching but she was in 5 point restraints and had her little chicken helmet on so she was just fine) At least we can laugh about it afterwards :) She doesn't have her helmet on in the pictures... we have to shove it on her head seconds before Heff takes off so she doesn't scream the entire ride. It's gettin better.

Sitting with Dad at the dinner table