Jerry's Birthday Dinner

Last night we had dinner at Izzy's Steak House with the whole fam to celebrate my brother Jerry's 26th Birthday. His real birthday in June 6 but he and Allison are going on vacation this weekend for her quota trip so we celebrated a little early. We missed the surprise bowling party she threw for Jerry last weekend but heard it was a lot of fun and Jer had 45 friends bowling in costumed/themed teams there to sing him happy birthday (good job Allison, just what he always wanted! ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JERRY!

The whole gang

Francie wore her cupcake birthday bubble suit and pink bow for Uncle Jerry! (Jannie still hates the bow)

James and Em

Jannie, Ginny (her college roommate visting this week!) and John

Francie and Dad

Baby Ann, Allison and the birthday boy Gerald

Francie getting passed around the table

Grandpa John hiding behind those "chubby legs" (that is what he always told us.. good thing we don't have a complex)

This is usually the looks she gives me when she has paper/dirt/rocks/dog food in her mouth... what did Uncle James sneak her?

Laughing with Auntie Em when Auntie Baby Ann says "No, No, No Doggie!"

and with the Birthday Boy

Yum-Yum... ribs. (Francie in another new JanKnit Original Bib:)

"OOOO! That's some good Izzy's steak."

Thirsty girl

All done... Have fun on your trip Jerry and Allison!