Sunday Night Dinner at the Skidmores

Sunday night we biked over to the Skidmores for dinner to celebrate Ann and Clark both graduating from college and getting into the real world (well, almost the real world for Baby Ann). They recently finished remodeling their house and it looks great. We played some ladder golf and Heff beat us all... just making up for me "out-shooting" him at the range I guess. :)

Swimming with Grandpa

Baby Ann and Michelle

Reaching for trouble

Making faces at Randall

Heff and Clark hitting up the kegerator

Francie entertaining Ann and Jannie

The "O" Face

These three last seen in this backyard for their Kindergarten Teddy Bear picnic together :)

Kisses for mom

Ann is always such a great host!

Clark, Ann, James, Em and Heff

Jerry, Allison, Michelle and Matt

Jan, Francie, Ann, Earl, John and K-Bac

and rounding out the table... The Heffs

Auntie Baby Ann got Francie all comfy in her PJ's for some cuddling

Sleeping on dad before the ride home