"Showers by Em"

Saturday afternoon was Marla's Baby Shower given by a very talented host, her big sister Em (James' girlfriend). Marla is due with a little boy August 1st and looks beautiful. Em is VERY excited to have a new little one to spoil and was squealing in delight as Marla opened all her presents for the baby. Congrats Marla (and you too Em;)

All the girls

Francie was delighted to be included :)

Everything looked beautiful

Em did a great job on all the little details

Red Velvet and Chocolate Cupcakes from LA Sprinkles! (delivered specially by Em's friends!)

Francie getting kisses from her A.B.A.

Flowers from their garden!

It was a HOT day (reminded everyone of our record breaking HOT wedding day!) Em and Ann got sprayed by the pool cleaner while they were cooling off...

Francie took a little nap in the shade while we ate lunch

Jannie and Em (everybody liked the Red Velvet cupckaes best!)

Opening presents (with a little help from Em)

Signature "JanKnits" for the baby boy!

"You mean she makes stuff for babies BESIDES ME?"

After the party we cooled off in the pool... Francie got to go swimming with her new friends (who admitted after we left how worn out they were playing with a baby!)

Nice hair Francie-pants

Joe and Marla (Em's parents) Thanks for having us!

Happy girl in her birthday suit

"Aw Em don't listen to Jannie... dunk me again!"

Silly girl

You don't even have to have clothes on to play "SO BIG!"

Me and my Francie-doodle

Back in the pool with the sisters Em and Marla (getting some practice holding a baby :)

Marla and her boyfriend David... they'll have their own soon enough!