A Day Full of Play

Wednesday was a crazy day... Francie and I had a lunch date at a new place in San Carlos with Alexis and James, went to visit dad at the office, went by the 30% off sale at Le Cirque (my fav baby boutique... go shop if you live here!) and had an impromptu playdate in the store with the owners and friends who work there (one has a 6 month old baby boy Conor). Francie tore up the place emptying bins of toys, blocks and trucks and "oo-oo-ing" at the giant steiff giraffe. Then we met Kelli and Landry for ice cream and to check out their new house. We got home just in time to go to the neighborhood summer "series" of cocktails and kids parties down the street. It was CRAZY with kids and babies!

Somehow Dad was too busy talking and didn't notice Francie had other plans for that hummus besides actually eating it

Lots of love from Emma and Owen!

After the cocktail party we walked to the park and then to sushi for dinner

I took Francie down the big slide in the background on cardboard boxes so we'd go really fast (the bid kids showed us how to do it)

Hope you had a fun day on your nine month birthday Francie-pants:)