Mark & Sarah's Wedding Weekend (Friday)

This weekend we were up in Stinson Beach with all the Heffernans and the Teters (Sarah's family) for Mark and Sarah's long awaited wedding! Mark is Brian's younger brother (number 2 of 5) and he and Sarah have been dating for 8 years. They met on a kayaking trip to Baja California and have lived in Davis most of the 8 years while Mark was finishing his PhD at UC Davis and Sarah worked at bio-tech firm. The moved to Menlo Park (across the street from my parents!) last year when Mark finally graduated from his PhD program and got a job at Google. We love seeing so much of them and enjoying their gourmet cooking. Their wedding was very mellow... just family so 24 adults and 7 kids, and we all had a relaxing time with family and to celebrate Mark and Sarah's big day!

The girls in their shirts Mark & Sarah bought everyone for the Mexican Fiesta Friday night. Sarah, (bride!), Margaret (Heff's cousin), Andrea (Craig's wife), Katherine (youngest sister/twin) and Anne (cousin, married to Bill)

Oma and Francie-pants getting the house set up when we arrived

Kate and Ellie immediately found the spa (the kids spent so much time in the hot tub, it was a little green and yellow and stinkty by the time we left the house:)

Everyone pitched in to set-up, cook, entertain and make this a family event... Sarah's Dad Bill and her brother Jacob set up the main dining room table.

Francie loved the ride-on toy the babies were all fighting over all weekend!

Craig (youngest Heffernan brother/Katherine's twin for those who need a family member refresher:) and Isabel taking videos

Oma and Megan (Sarah's sister-in-law who is due with her first baby Sept 8!) busy in the kitchen

Aly (aka Alistair, 2 yrs) with his mom Anne and Maureen (Heff's sister) due with number 3 Sept 18) with Francie. LOTS of babies around here!!

Even Francie got her own shirt from Uncle Mark and Aunt Sarah to wear Friday night!

Donald (Katherine's boyfriend) making a HUGE bowl of guacamole (after he gave a little out to the baby moms to feed the little ones first:)

"UM-UM. Auntie Maureen is feeding my blueberries!"

Andrea (Craig's wife) and Jackie (Jackie is a sophomore at Santa Clara, she was Claire Heffernan's student in 5th grade and now lives at the Heffernan's when she isn't in school.)

Dan (Sarah's younger brother) helping out

Jacob (Sarah's youngest brother) making drinks

Father-of-the-groom OPA (Tom) supervising the troops

Mark and Sarah being good sports posing for pictures for me :)

Sarah and her Dad Bill... the father-of-the-bride!

Lots of cooks in the kitchen!

The Mothers... Sarah's mom Nora with Claire

The Dad's and the babies... Heff with Francie and Craig with Isabel (10 months this week)

What's so funny?!

Kat and Donald playing some ladder golf (it was a little overcast Friday evening but made for a dramatic background with the fog!)

The stressed out groom

Dan and Megan

Our little family :)

Jacob and Bill played bartenders for the weekend... they made some mean drinks.

All the kids LOVE Mark and Sarah who spent a lot of their wedding weekend on the floor entertaining them

This is as close as we came to a picture of the three babies all weekend

Most shots looked more like this... they are all crawling machines

The big girls were a little more cooperative. Maggie, Ellie and Kate.


She caught on quick... unless she learned to crawl AND carry the toy it would be quickly stolen away by another baby!

A group photo! As Mark called them the "Heffer-Teters"

Bride and Groom with their parents

Sarah playing ladder golf with the kids

And the babies take over...

Francie and her mom

Heff checking out the girls and their art projects

Tom, Heff and Francie hanging out before dinner is served

almost ready for a home-made Mexican Feast!

The Twins... Cathleen and Claire

Check out that bar! (and remember this was for 24 adults and 2 nights)

Coordinating Craig Heffernans

Anne and Aly

Brian and Francie

"I'm turning 3 tomorrow!" Kate

We brought the tables from the patio inside to seat everyone for dinners...

Plates are cleared.. ready for dessert!