What We Do for Baby Ann :)

Paige and Icie came over Wednesday afternoon with Estelle and Wesley to help me plan outfits for Francie and I for our big Nashville trip for Auntie Baby Ann's graduation. Ann has sent a very detailed itinerary with 3-4 events per day and wardrobe suggestions (did you expect any less?) She also told my mom to make sure I didn't dress like a "frumpy mom" in front of her friends. Oh Baby Ann :) This called for some shopping... wouldn't want to embarrass my little sister. Francie and I have done some shopping the past few days and needed reinforcements to go through our options. Paige and Icie walked over for some wine and a mini fashion show and helped to narrow the possibilities...

Estelle helping plan Francie's wardrobe

Paige and Wesley in his new BOB stroller... they just moved 2 blocks away, yay!

Estelle amongst the clothes and shoes

Cute Wes hiding behind his giraffe lovey and long lashes

Francie getting ready to give Wes some lovin'

"Hi hi hi hi"

"It's OK Wes. I know we have crazy mothers... we'll get them back someday."

Francie got her bow back... tearing up the hardwood floors before dinner with mom and dad and Aunt Kat came over too!

and climbing on the beasts

at least somebody likes these dogs!