"Edebody Loves Baby Ann"

My crazy Uncles are both coming out to Nashville for Baby Ann's Big Graduation Celebration... they have been preparing themselves for their "Why We Love Baby Ann Speeches" and in true Aunt Kaky fashion are exercising their poetic license... here is the email train from yesterday. Nashville here we come! (PS... the blog title "Edebody Loves Baby Ann" was her favorite line when she was three. Yes Ann, we do :)


Uncle Jerry starts the ball rolling...

Dear Grannie Jannie and Guncle Johnny,

Get ready!

It's no time to be bashful
We are all going to Nashville

It's Baby Ann we are going to see
Accepting her well earned Vanderbilt degree

I love these Simo parties
Should I bring a bag of Smarties

Thanks to Johnny, I'll be flying First Class
I hope your smaller coach seats don't squeeze your ass

Well heck, I'm at work and I've got to run
But looking forward to some wonderful family FUN!

Jerry Arnerich


Uncle John (aka UJ, Guncle John) Retaliates...

I know that Jannie Cakes is as excited as can be
Her baby brothers are coming to Nashville, Tennessee

Guncle Jerry may be flying 1st Class in the Sky
But Guncle John has Francie to make the trip fly by!

I hope the champagne is chillin'
'cause this party is gonna be thrillin'!

Bring all the cash that you can afford
But never fear because you won't get bored

And never forget, as the festivities fly by so fast
It's all about our Baby Ann - from the first to the last!


And Jannie puts in her two cents!

Holy Moly... I never knew
My baby brothers, that wonderful two,
Could both write such ditties
Of what we are about to do!

How lucky am I
That they are such fun
They are flying to Nashville
Cuz it's too far to run.

Baby Ann is excited
She can hardly wait
To show off this twosome
She thinks is so great.

We all will be together
Just as it should be
When her hat flys in the air
We'll jump up in glee!

So get yourselves ready
For good Southern fun
From eatin and drinkin and singing along
We're going to Nashville to write our own song!!!!

love you both....Jan


Watch out "real world"... here comes Baby Ann. (oh wait, she still has a year of grad school)