Francie's John Deere Collection

When we were in Red Bluff we went a little crazy at the Tractor Supply store on some authentic die-cast metal John Deere tractors and a ride-on John Deere ATV (yup, we know we had a girl but the boy toys are too much fun and Francie loves them!) They are going to go in the new "playpen" outdoor area that is still in the works, but we opened most of them tonight and let the Doodle roll them all around the house. She loves the little ride on ATV and even though her feet don't touch the ground she uses them to push the sound buttons (those won't last long) and tries to stand up on the seat while she holds on the handlebars. The ATV sings "Mud and dirt are no match for me, cause I'm a rough and rugged John Deere SUV!" We love tractors:)

Dad helping Francie open her tractors (after he built qa wall with the boxes to keep her from crawling out of the living room)

Pushing her new toys all around the house

And when her toys get old there are cupboards, walls, wine coolers...

Using her toes to play with the John Deere ATV buttons

Thanks Daddy!