Francie's Winery Weekend

We were in Red Bluff this weekend for a Mercy High School benefit event at the Burnsini Winery Saturday evening that Claire helped sponsor. Craig, Andrea and Baby Isabel came up from LA, Aunt Kat rode up with us and the 96080 crowd were all there to host us. Francie and Isabel were so cute together... both crawling like crazy, although Isabel is still a little more "sure-footed" than Francie :) Ronan turns one next week and is holding his own with these tough girls! We had great meals and lots of time to hang out at Oma and Opa's house. The auction event at the winery was lots of fun with great weather and a relaxed, fun crowd to enjoy it with. This was a great way to cap off our 4 of 6 weekend-in-Red-Bluff streak!

Here they come, girls on the move...

"Hi guys. Just hanging out with my cousin Isabel."

Of all the nice, wooden child-friendly toys Oma has at her house... the girls both find the plastic gizmos to eat!

Fun in the playhouse...

Until Isabel says "Take that Cousin Francie... I've got you by 7 weeks and don't forget it."

And Francie fights back taking over the kitchen sink.

Oh the crocodile tears poor Isabel!

"What? Now I've got the place to myself."

Aunt Kat comes to play with Francie

These two are going to be good buddies

Daddy and Francie ready to go to go to the winery
(Handsome Daddy got a haircut yesterday!)

These brothers love their baby girls (all 6'5'' of Heff looks short next to his brothers:)

Burnsini Winery hosted a really nice event... wine tasting with five different kinds of red and the we choose our favorites for dinner

They had tables fanned out around a fire pit... yummy appetizers, Pacific Sun Olive Oil with french bread, salami, olives and cheese and then a New York Steak and potatoes dinner (oh yeah ,and cheesecake for dessert!)

Mom and her favorite baby girl (working on a heel of french bread)

Francie and Isabel were busy playing under our table on the grass while we all enjoyed our dinners... Heff gave up his sunglasses and the Crackberry to keep them entertained and even though it was on keylock mode, these little deviants managed to make an emergency call! Sorry 911 operators for the "Da-da-da-de" you might have heard between 7-8pm Saturday night.

Isabel always pretty in purple

Madeline took such good care of Francie all night... Heff's god-daughter is going to be the BEST babysitter! Here she is holding Francie-pants who is trying to decide if she likes her first try gumming away at a New York Steak

Isabel riding high on her Mom's shoulders with Daddy Craig watching out for his girls.

Jane Flynn, Aunt Cathleen and Margaret

Aunt Kat and Donald (Happy Birthday Donald!)

Eva and Spencer... the Flynn kids don't miss a social event in RB!

Heff throwing some love to Brendon (the gun wasn't enough?)

Aunt Kat and The Francie-Do

Cheers cowboys

Heff and Madeline

Here we are checking out the vineyards and letting Francie run around like a wild banshee

The Other Heffs (Isabel, Heff's youngest Brother Craig and his wife Andrea)

Big Boy Cal... he was born right after our wedding (almost 2 years ago) Look how big he is now!

Aunt Kat is starring in an Infomercial for "Leg Perfect" workout equipment this week, she was on a strict 7 day diet for maximum ''before and after" pictures results. I just want to broadcast across the internet airwaves... She did not eat any cheesecake. Or wine for that matter. ;)

Eva gets her turn with Francie

We love the Flynns! Spencer, Kristie and Ava.... Madeline hiding.

Let's get this party started. After a rockin' silent auction we bid up a few live auction items and Madeline was our designated bidder for the item we won... an SF Bay Cruise for 6 with drinks at Sam's dinner at Chez Panisse. She won the bidding war.

The "Cousin Babies" were the hit of the party! Chillin' on the swing.... Isabel (9 months) Francie (7 months) and Ronan (11 months)

And here with their Mommas: Mary, Margaret and Andrea

Time for PJ's!

The boys hiding out from their ladies when the band started rocking... Donald, Heff & Brendon

To sum up the evening... we all watched a lady need some help walking across the grass. Hey what did you expect? It's a winery.

The bust girls the next morning in matching outfits Oma bought them...

They must have a rule. Only one person look at the camera at a time. Good work girls.

And again...

These girls are moving and shaking

Opa and Oma with their baby grand-daughters

Dirt in the mouth... feet on the ledge. No more sitting back and relaxing around here.

"Haha. We're trouble."

"Come and get me Daddy."

"Look at me in the spa!!

Testing those swimming skills...

And she comes up smiling.

Isabel, your mommy must love you more... she got IN the spa.

That's right. I hang my baby up by her boot (err... I mean bathing suit) straps to play so I don't have to get wet. (Don't worry Dad, it wasn't as tight as it looks:)

Splish Splashing Away

These little sunbathing beauties did not want to get out

Portrait of MaryFrances

Portrait of Isabel Rose

Ready to play!

Cough, cough. Down the wrong pipe after a dunk.

I love my little Doodle-bug! We are very lucky to have such a fun bunch of family in Red Bluff and in Menlo Park... we get a little bit of the country in RB and have so much fun on our visits. See everybody in a few weeks for Mark and Sarah's big wedding weekend!!