Willows Neighborhood Cocktail Party

Saturday night was our neighborhood "Moms and Babes" cocktail party at our house. We had 12 moms in the neighborhood on the committee to plan the event and since we were hosting we didn't have to do all that much... it was an easy way to throw a party! It was a "Caribbean" themed night and we had almost 40 couples come for lots of rum punch, wine, champagne, beer and good food. We all made appetizers that went with the theme and has pulled-pork sliders, fish cakes, blue corn and coconut muffins (thanks Baby Ann for making my assignment for me!) and lots of other tasty stuff.

The Caribbean Bar

Auntie Baby Ann came over to help with Francie while we got the yard ready with the other moms and dads who helped out. She agreed to babysitting duty Saturday night (even though I asked her thinking Jannie would be around to help, but turns out my parents were at a wedding all night!) Baby Ann is proud to say she has NEVER changed a diaper (yeah for the Child Development major) but she did a great job with Francie-pants at my parents house with Ollie, our annoying dog, too.

We had lots of brightly colored decorations and flowers (Jannie said it looked a little like a set up for a prom;)

Sandra at the dessert table

Check in with your date. If anyone knows the story about Heff's driveway (doing the hardscape in his bachelor days) he has palm fronds and banana trees ETCHED into the entire driveway (apparently that's how Tongan landscapers "fix" cracks in newly laid concrete.) I overheard one of the guests looking at the very appropriate driveway theme and say "WOW. That's permanent."

"How long do you think they'll let me stick around this party before I get sent off with my A.B.A!?"

Getting my last few minutes in with the Doodle before she goes!

Baby Ann whipped up this Coconut Cake for fun and donated it to the cause... little miss Future Homemakers of America.

People started arriving around 7... we made a last minute trip to REI this morning for some rain tents just in case as the weather was not very cooperative this weekend. It ended up not raining during the party but the tents helped a little keep everyone warm. We even had some Steel Drum live music!

Neighbors down the street in both directions... Louis & Jessica, Mike & Gretchen (who both have baby girls around Francie's age!)

Some of the other party planning girls...

and husbands...

The Heffs and the Ryans don't miss a good party!