The New Backyard is Done!

Just in time for the neighborhood cocktail party we're hosting tomorrow night... the new backyard landscaping and updating is done. Heff worked SO hard most days after work and last weekend, it looks great. He built a playpit for Francie, a redwood patio outside our room, a chicken coup yard and an outdoor shed for all my overflow of stuff! We got some new outdoor furniture and lots of new plants. Should be ready for summer BBQ-ing and parties!

This "playpit" will probably only contain Francie for another 6 months or so... but we are going to enjoy it while we can! It's so nice to have a place she can crawl around and not get into too much trouble while we can sit and relax. We got outdoor "fake grass" for the floor of the pit, it drains water right through, it is soft enough to play on and it stays pretty clean :)

Dad home after work watching the Doo play on her new artificial turf

The chicken yard

The outdoor furniture and patio

Silly girl making faces! (Can you see my new shed all finished in the background!?)

"Hummm... I can walk if I use this truck."

Francie is looking more like her Daddy!

Crawling on the turf

and playing at the table

I think the Doodle likes her new playpit!