Francie's Hawaiian Playdate

Wednesday afternoon we had a playdate at Heather and Carson's house. It was an "Aloha Hawaiian" theme and they hosted with Lindsey and Isaac too. We had yummy Mai Tai's by the kiddie pools! The babies were crawling all over the deck and getting into trouble :) Carson had been sick so Heather had her mom watch him for the playdate, she was awesome to host it anyway without her baby. There were a few new moms who came and we had fun getting the babies together and checking out the new things they are all doing now... they get bigger every time we see them!

Hanging out on the patio with the babies. A new mom joined us with her 5 month old twins Dylan and Nathan who were so cute

Francie and Leo hanging out in the ball-pit pool

Leo is getting ready to do some serious walking!


Francie and Isaac crawling off into the sunset :)

Group shot

Francie got a little mad for this picture... turns out Estelle had a bit of a "leak" problem that ended up all over Francie! It took the moms awhile to figure out whose it was :)


The little poop issue required a few outfit changes...

We all had fun, thanks Heather!