Busy Day Tuesday

Tuesday night we had dinner at the Skidmores with Ann and Jen. They had a cooking class at home in the afternoon so we got to enjoy the fruits (vegetables, chicken and salads) of their labor :) Jen moves back to NYC tomorrow, we will miss having her around so often! Francie LOVED their English Bulldog puppy Randall... it was so cute to see them playing together but also kind of sad since Francie is just getting excited about dogs and Sage is gone. She was giggling like crazy and would throw toys to play fetch with the dog! It was a fun evening.

Look at that tongue!

Randall had a time out outside to calm down after Francie riled him up, but she still wanted to play

"Ohh I like that puppy!"

Just hanging out with Jen...

And got her PJ's on to watch American Idol and snuggle with Ann

We had lunch Tuesday with a friend from junior high who I ran into recently and has a baby the same age as Francie! Kyla and I went to 6th-8th grade together but her husband Shaun and I went to Kindergarten-5th grade and then high school together! Hudson, their baby, is so cute and Francie had fun eating puffs and laughing with him while Kyla and I had lunch at Empire Tap Room in downtown Palo Alto.

You know your 8 month old is too big for the bassinet when...

You can see her tooth!

Silly babies


At home we helped Dad finish up the planting in the backyard and building the shed... Francie didn't want to get her shoes dirty and mostly watched.

She thinks everything is funny these days

Her playpit is mostly done! We're just trying to figure out what to put on the floor of the pit...

And the chicken cage is pretty much Ollie/raccoon proof after some work (Thanks Heff:)