Ode to Sage

After 11.5 years
14 ruined carpets
2 destroyed couches
65 pounds of Tri-tip
12 sticks of butter
1 dead duck
3 whole roasted chickens
25 stolen sandwhiches
32 freshly-baked cookies
and 15 disposable diapers...

Sage has gone to doggie-heaven :(

He was in bad shape last night and we took him to the vet early this morning. They did some x-rays and blood work and he had a huge mass occupying half the space in his abdomen so his intestines were all pushed over to one side. Miraculously, he didn't have any diapers in his system (which we thought was the problem.) His blood work showed low counts where they were supposed to be high and high counts where hey were supposed to be low. He had a 104 degree temperature, labored breathing and a rapid heart rate. Brian made the decision it was time to say goodbye to Sage. It was a sad day (even I admit it) but we spent some time with him while Francie was laughing and pounding on his head, evoking a little tail wagging, and told him he'd been a good dog to Brian and our family. I think everyone will always remember SAGE!

Sage we'll think of you often. We'll think of you....

... when we sleep through the night for 8 uninterrupted hours, missing those quality 5-10 times we didn't get up to let you out to go potty or to get Ollie out of the fought over bigger dog bed.

... when we sit in peace after finishing dinner wondering why we don't hear the incesstant barking that usually followed putting a fork down

... when we sit on the couch without having to get up to let you out, then let you in, then let you out again a few minutes later scratching the newly painted door all the while

... when we eat a Hacienda burrito without your wet nose in our lap whining for meat

... when I no longer have that satisfying feeling of vacuuming up a daily canister full of your dog hair in every corner and crevice of the house

... when we can actually leave the room while a hot dinner is sitting on the counter or the table and not worry about every last morsel being devoured in a single swoop

... when we walk on the hardwood floor and don't slip on your dribble

... when you wake up the baby barking because you need help walking when your back legs fell asleep from being sedentary for too long

... when you wake me up loudly gnawing on your feet and grumbling about your ears

... when we come home and the garbage can is still upright and the diaper pail contents are not spread all over the floor so we have nothing at all to clean up after

Francie sure did love this dog, just like her Daddy ;)

And I admit we'll also miss Sage for...

... the shoes and pillows you brought to the door to greet us when we got home everyday

... your company while you followed us around in the house and in the yard

... your constantly wagging tail

... your faithfulness to your dad and your family

Sage was very tolerant of Francie's pounding, crawling and squealing

I never thought I would say this but.... I'll miss you Sage!!

No more fighting over the bog dog bed... there is only one bad dog left

Leave a comment with your favorite, infamous, worst-dog-ever Sage stories...