Dr. Seuss for Dad and the Doodle

Heff was reading Green Eggs & Ham to Francie tonight before bedtime... she was squealing like a banshee and crawling/climbing all over the place. We thought she was never going to go to sleep! I went to clean up the dinner mess and didn't hear either of them after about 5 minutes... I went in to check and they were both passed out in bed. I guess Dad wore her out. It's no surprise he fell asleep in no time, he came home a little early from a long day at work to build Francie's new "playground" area and my new tomato beds in the back yard AND he finished the foundation for the new shed last night! We've still got some work to do but it should all be done soon (and just in time for the neighborhood party) Here are some more pictures of Dad and the Doodle...

"Humm... is he skipping words?"

Francie loves the way dad reads her books

It's more fun to crawl on Dad's head than listen to the story tonight

The crazy girl trying to escape bedtime (note my favorite book on the pillow)

"Nope. I'm not sleeping yet!"