Francie's First Peninsula School Spring Fair

These pictures were from a week and a half ago but I had to throw them up on the blog. Peninsula School in Menlo Oaks throws a Spring Fair every year that used to be the highlight of the year for the neighborhood kids. It's a little different now.... when you are grown-up and no longer own a tie-dyed t-shirt, the thought of eating raw honeycomb only makes you think of the possibility of botulism for your infant, watching adults dance to the hippie-groovin' live music is not just awkward you actually wonder how many of them are high and you don't have stashes of identical tickets left over from 'Mary's Summer Fun Camp' to burn on making homemade buttons, clay pinch-pots and riding the zip line.

Still, Jannie and I ventured over for a trip down memory lane (don't worry.... not THAT kind of trip:)

Ice cream anyone? err... accident waiting to happen anyone?

Oh wait... did I think that last picture was an accident waiting to happen? No I meant THIS one. (Seriously that kid is like 6 and they are throwing him off the fire escape on a zip line.) Michael Jackson-esq??

"What is going on around here?"

Francie is getting high just looking at the hippies

But she is doing her darndest to fit in wearing her kinda tie-dyed jumpsuit, purple Uggs and her new knit sweater from Jannie (we love the sweater though Jan!) Prayer Arrows anyone?

Francie, you will never sneak down to this haunted school at midnight with garden tools as protection and do Ouija-Board on the roof deck trying to contact Mrs. Coleman 'the mansion ghost' EVER. (not saying that I ever did this... at least not admiting it)

Francie is so ready to get out of here and back to her Republican roots. And I apologize in advance for anyone I have offended in this post who call themselves hippies or who are associated with Peninsula School. I am kidding mostly :)