Francie's New Play Yard

Heff just finished construction on our "Play Pit" in the backyard for Francie. It is basically an 8 by 16 foot outdoor playpen :) Complete with rubber flooring, a drain and a bench around the outside for the Moms (and Dads) to sit and drink cocktails while they watch the kids play. Sounds like we're ready for our next playdate huh! We tested it out last night when Uncle Mark, Sarah and Aunt Kat were over for dinner and tonight we threw her in naked (since it was like 80 degrees at 7pm today!) and brought out some water toys I got today in Capitola. She LOVES to splash and has free reign to crawl all over this thing... nice work Heff! (PS... I know that plastic bin full of water is dangerous Dad and it was only temporary until we get a water table. I already dumped it out so you can sleep tonight)

Francie says "Seriously. You guys have to see this new playpit my dad built for me!"

The plants need a few weeks to fill in but this is the as is view of the new play and chicken yard from the side with Aunt Kat and Dad watching the Doodle making tracks

"This Dad I got is a GOOD one!"

The yet-to-be-landscaped Chicken Yard! We moved them outside this week. They are 7 weeks old now and look like real chickens! (Did you know the chickens we eat from the store are usually only 2 months old!?) Ollie is still shaking at the chance to gobble them up.

We put stall mats on the bottom of the play pit and Heff sealed them up with some special tape that will make it all water proof (and it even has a drain at the end so all the water drains out into the street!) The seals are a little slippery as Francie found out the hard way.

No getting out of this one Francie! (ah, so nice not to chase her everywhere)

Last night the Menlo Oaks sibling crowd came over for dinner... Mark and Sarah with Francie

It's going to be a fun summer!