Mommy's 30th

I had a GREAT 30th birthday! Heff made Heuvos Rancheros in the morning and Craig, Mark and Sarah came over to join us. Then we all ran a few errands downtown before heading to the Johnet's to set up for the party while they were at Emmy's first SJSU soccer game. It was a nice afternoon a little bit of a chilly evening... but I had so much fun with lots of friends and family. Heff gave a very sweet toast to his wife and brought out my surprise birthday present (and it was a big surprise!)... I got chickens !!! It was certainly a great party and fun to see so many friends all in one place. Thanks to everyone for coming to help celebrate with us!

All set up for the crowd...

Notice the theme?

Lesson learned... don't take your MIL to Costco. Jannie decided to go along for the ride on our Costco trip and found the 15 foot Japanese Maple she just HAD TO HAVE :) My husband is a good sport. It took all four of these small guys to move it into place (Mark, Craig, Heff and Donald)

Francie and I in our matching cowboy boots and jeans (we got her these real Wranglers and boots at the Feed Store last time we were in Red Bluff!)

Emmy the Soccer Superstar... scored the only goal for her team and against Brandi Chastain! Nice work Em and we're glad you didn't take your shirt off

Jannie, always a great host with Grandpa John!

Aunt Kaky looking stylish as ever with her buddy Heff

Giving Mom birthday smooches

Thanks to the Bacolini girls for helping so much with the party! Michelle made enough pizza dough to feed an army :)

"These Boots Are Made for Walkin"... right on over to Daddy

Aunt Kat brought my favorite.. mint chip ice cream cakes!

Sisters! Notice the buttons Heff made... how embarrassing :) a picture of me in my vaulting days in a unitard on a horse that says "Mary's 30th... Still Ridin' High" I couldn't even be mad at him though seeing as he actually went in to Michael's to buy the buttons and made the pictures up himself!

Nancy with Baby Maddie in their matching shoes too!

Kiddies snacks too... animal crackers to last until Francie is 12

Ronan in his teddy bear hat, it was chilly outside when the sun went down

Nancy and I on duty

Michele making pizzas and getting a little help from the cousins

Francie's swing set is a big hit (I heard Baby Ann "pulled the Francie card" not to let her be out-spoiled and used the swing set as leverage for a new purse... nice Ann)

Getting sleepy on her Jannie

Allison and Jerry took the train down to join the party and gave Francie and I matching converse!

Getting chilly

Georgia and Devon with the Doodle

Heff giving his cute toast with Francie-pants


complete with a chicken hutch, run, heat lamp, feeders and all the fun chick accessories! (I know I am nuts. I really wanted chickens)

Chicky One helping blow out the candles (there are SIX of them and they are yet to be named... any suggestions?)

They are so cute!.. James checking them out

Heat lamps aren't just for chickens...

Anne sporting her button!

Moriah and sleeping Baby Natalie

Late night in Heff's camo jackets... these girls and their hubbies helped us party right on through to almost 2am! Not bad for three moms with babies under 6 months old :) Jannie kept us very entertained too while my Dad and husband had long since fallen asleep.

Yup, I'm 30 :)