Rodeo Makes Headlines

I mentioned the Rodeo was "eventful" this year... Sunday "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" Day was CRAZY! Francie and I went to the Rodeo with Katherine and Donald (after Gin Fizzes at the Forsbergs) while Heff was sighting in his new hunting rifle. It was a much nicer day, no wind, but there was a lot going on at the Fairgrounds! First, Francie witnessed her first "bar fight" when a guy poured his beer down the front of another guy walking by (they were both in there 60's or 70's) and then they of course tried to punch each other's lights out. The security guards jumped in and saved the day, happy to have something to do, and it turns out the guys were brothers waging a twenty + year battle... Kat was jostled in the crossfire and worked the guy for a few free beers, which we realized was NOT worth it when he talked our ear off for 30 minutes.

Francie says "How many times do we watch these guys eat dirt mom?" with her god-mom who narrowly escaped a left hook :)

Future cowboys in "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" t-shirts (NFR raises $ for breast cancer research)

Francie, that is not a very All-American face

Then... A BULL JUMPED A 7 FOOT FENCE INTO THE STANDS! It was Chaos! Right after the "Wild Ride Race" where cowboys dress-up in costumes to ride the bucking broncs, they were getting the bulls lined up in the pens for the last bull riding event of the Rodeo when this bull cleared the fence and barreled through the box seats in front of the stands. People were rushing to the top of the stands, climbing over each other, hanging from the scaffolding and screaming. We had a view of it all but were luckily out of harms way. Two kids were carried out in stretchers with missing shoes and a woman got stuck between the bull and the end of the stands until the bull finally launched her over the rail with a horn under her butt! They had to stop the rodeo because all of the ambulances had to take people to the hospital. We heard 6 people were injured, but everyone seemed to be ok after some bandages. Who knew rodeo spectating could be so dangerous!?

THE BULL "Blue Steel" in the stands!!! (to the left of the telephone pole)
The local paper reported: "The bull jumped a seven-foot wall without a running start," said Levi Rosser, 28, of Marysville, one of the five pickup men on the scene. "I'm 28 years old and I have been around the Red Bluff rodeo all my life and I've never seen anything like it before. It was chaos for a while."

It made national news and was on the homepage today as a top story!
Bull Jumps Over Wall at Northern California Rodeo, Injuring 6

Finally got the bull out of the seats and into the arena

Looks like everyone was ok thank goodness... we were sitting in those seats on Saturday!