Francie-Pant's "Smartie-Pants" G-Uncle Jerry

We love our Uncle Jerry... he is 6 foot 8, lives in Orange County, has never been married (why bring in a pestering wife or annoying kids when he has us!) and has always been a prankster. He and my Uncle John (the UJ's) lived together after college until they were in their late 30's (Uncle John got married and foiled their lifelong plan) taking turns working and throwing really great parties. They would roll into town for Christmas and throw us all in the car for the infamous Dec 24 trip to Toys-R-Us for WHATEVER we wanted (under $20 of course) while all the aunts were fuming at home after spending weeks shopping for that perfect christmas present for us and the uncles look like the heros :) They would stay up with us until 4 in the morning playing with our new toys (Chemistry sets and Nintendos... more recently Poker chips and Wii) telling us stories about their crazy pranks and childhood (childhood lasting into the 30's obviously).

One of our favorite stories when Uncle Jerry wrote a letter to "Ce De Candy, inc" the makers of Smarties Candy telling the company that his little brother had eaten a whole bag of smarties that had mysterious brown dots on them and had gotten sick. If only we had that original letter! I assume he asked them for money or something....


(Here is the email Uncle Jerry sent my mom this morning... hope you don't mind I'm postin git on the world wide web UJ!)

airmail%20UJ.jpg Good morning, Sibs!

I think you will enjoy the attachments. I was going through my old "stuff"
and found the infamous letter of reply from Ce De Candy, inc. that makes
Smarties candy.

This is the venerable Milton A. Honig's letter of response.Milt was a good sport.

This envelope is proof of the importance in their reply. AIR MAIL, baby ! :

I was a Junior in High School when I initiated contact with the Ce De Candy
company seeking proper recompense and consideration for my client (Freshman
brother John). Some may say that's pretty old for such shenanigans, but
then, the "funny bone" is a life long part of the skeletal system in our

God LOVE you all- Brother Jerry.

Okay Uncle Jerry... now we want proof of the guy who delivered gallons of Rocky Road Ice Cream to the door when you were in junior high after you wrote to tell them there were NOT as many marshmallows per bite as they had advertised!