7 Months... a little early

Tonight Heff and I were putting Francie's PJ's on her and couldn't help but let her play around on our bed naked to take some pictures! I think I took 5 month pictures on the bed with just a onesie on so we'll call these her "7 month pictures" even though she still has two more days to be six months old! (I always tell Heff not to round up her age so he doesn't cheat her of the last days to be a little girl!) She was a barrel of laughs and launching herself all over the bed. Gone are the days of just running into the other room with a baby on the bed. She is SO close to crawling and moves herself where she wants to go by lurching forward from a sitting position to her hands and knees and then reaching for things (no knee movement yet) or rolling over and over. She's a busy about-to-be-7-month-old!

Me trying to take her picture lying on my lap :)

Didn't go so well...

Gotta check a naked baby's weight! Is that the "Willows Neighborhood" gang sign she's flashing? Francie what have they been teaching you at playdates?!