Teething?... Real Cowboys Use Beef Jerky

Lindsey and Isaac hung out with Francie and I, Margaret and Ronan Monday while the boys were hunting... We did the rounds in Red Bluff and went to visit the Flynn's ranch to see my horses and the miniatures, went to Crossroads Feed Store for some shopping (yes they have more than just chicken feed!) and had lunch with the hunters at "2 Buds BBQ" after their day on the ranch. Thankfully, they weren't cleaning a big disgusting pig all afternoon as they didn't shoot one :) The guy at the BBQ place saw three babies under a year old an immediately whips out beef jerky strips for them. I mean... doesn't this happen at most restaurants? He scraped the pepper off this beef jerky with his not-very-clean-fingernail and said "Gnaw on it a little Mom, then give it to those kids and you won't be able to get it away from them." Really? Salty meat. Why wouldn't they want to give it up. And yes all three of us stuck the dirty, peppered, beef jerky in our kids mouths. Now THAT was good for their immune systems! But we had a great time with Chad and Lindsey in Red Bluff and are counting them in for Rodeo weekend next year.

Kristie taking time out to entertain us with her flock of ponies (Thanks Kristie!)

Stanley the Mini

Lindsey with Francie-pants

Ronan checking out the horsey

Lindsey and Isaac (woke up from his nap just in time to play with the ponies)

The babies on Stanley

Francie's turn on Stanley

Isaac's first horsey ride

He loved it obviously :)