Francie's Lunchdate at the Park

We met Kelli, Landry and some of their friends from Stanford Business School at Burgess Park Tuesday for a fun lunchdate. The babies played on the grass while we snacked and watched them entertain us. Francie was the oldest baby, the others were 4-5 months, so she was showing off her new "moving and shakin skills"!

Jannie dressed Francie this morning in her seersucker romper :)

Landry was taking a nap in the shade with mom for awhile

Furrowed brow Francie

Little Miss Landry can furrow that brow even better than you can Francie!

Kelli and Landry

Mare and Francie

Francie refused to smile for the camera for the rest of the day after I pointed out the baby-zit on her chin to her new friends