Francie in the Playhouse

Francie had so much fun playing in the new playhouse in Red Bluff that Oma and Nana bought this week AND put together themselves! It had a lot of pieces with a kitchen inside, planter boxes, a little patio and even it's own mailbox. Francie is learning to pull herself up on things now and loves to hang out on this little trellis just her size.

"Yeah I'm a big girl.. I sit on this little bench all by myself."

Laughing at Dad making faces and singing silly songs

Francie's turn to be silly.. can't do anything without a few raspberries

Yum, wood feels good on those gums (no teeth yet)

Furrowed-brow Francie-pants

Why so sad Francie? Oh... there's a smile :)

Dad and Opa watching Francie-Doodle

Playing with cousin Ronan

Opa makes sure Francie is safe and Francie LOVES making faces at her Opa!

Francie waving hi from the house just their size

Having fun with Mom in the playhouse