Baby Sign with Baby Landry

Francie and I went to Baby Sign Language Playgroup on Thursday afternoon with our friends Kelli and her adorable Baby Landry. We learned mostly food and color signs in this class (the first of six). Kelli somehow remembered all of them! Here is her list from Landry's blog :) apple, banana, grapes (red AND purple), pie (peach,cherry, apple), plum, cereal, orange (and orange juice), bath, chocolate, cookie, milk, cracker, bread, corn, PBJ sandwich, water, green, peas (regular and frozen), rain, book, Mommy, Daddy, bird, hot, cold, baby, drink, & gentle (nice work Kelli). Landry is deaf (or has severe hearing loss... her parents are still working on a definitive diagnosis) so we are especially excited to learn ALL the signs to communicate with her even when the girls are older!