The Twin's Birthday Bash

Saturday afternoon and evening went right into birthday celebrations! March 30 is Craig and Kat's 29th (my birthday is coming up April 5, they didn't need to share their cake but somehow my name made it on there too!) We had a great BBQ dinner and carrot cake for dessert. It was a fun crowd in Red Bluff to celebrate. The twins and I get to be 29 together for 6 whole days :)

The girls splashed around a little (Ellie was in the spa for 3 hours!) before the party in their matching bathing suits Oma got them

Francie loving the water with her big cousins

Cute little ruffle-bottoms!

Oma and her girls

Kat, Karlie and Francie

Margaret with Ronan and Grandma

Andrea and Sarah

Kat with the blue-blue cupcakes Margaret made!

Isabel's onesie says "Happy 29th Birthday Daddy!"

The twins!

Francie likes Ronan's hand

And really likes a taste of dad's frosting!

Heff reading to the girls