The Cousins Hanging Out in Red Bluff

Remember how well they fit in this chair at Thanksgiving?!

And how well they just sat there!?

THEN... (Ronan 6mo, Isabel 4mo, Francie 2mo)

NOW... Francie and Isabel switched places :)
(Ronan 10mo, Francie 6mo, Isabel 8mo)

We had to move these big kids to the couch

Francie says "Uhhh, I think Ronan's done."

Check out Francie's new boots! Dad was easily talked into these at our visit to the feed store (I was doing my best to talk him into chickens, it's really the only thing Heff has ever said "NO" to in our marriage. Too bad they don't have the baby chicks in yet because I was pretty close to a "maybe" and an "Eglu" for our backyard!)

Francie-no-pants Two-steppin on the BBQ in her new boots!

Future vaulter? ;)