Francie's First Pony Ride

Sunday we went over to see my horses and the Flynn family. Francie LOVED the horses and was "oo-oo'ing" at them. Madeline and Eva showed Francie their pony "Stanley" and she even got to sit on Madeline's horse "Dazzle" for her first official pony ride! My horses, Bob and Santi, came right over to us and let Francie pet (or slap) their faces and noses. It will be fun when she can ride them one day.

Mom and Francie with Bob and Sancho Panza

Kristie, Madeline and Francie

Francie is very confused... "Why does my mother have these things if she never even rides them?"

Francie's first time on a horse!

Furrowed-brow Francie-pants not so sure about all this horse stuff

Eva feeding Santi

Madeline strong-arming Dazzle

Spence lost a tooth ;)

Madeline and their new dog Maize... Eva and Dazzle

Francie more interested in her toes than the horses