Francie's Day at the Beach

Uncle Jerry is visiting for a week and Uncle John's family rented a beach house at Rio Del Mar for the week so Francie, Jannie and I took a trip down for the day Monday to see her brothers, my uncles and Francie's G-uncles! We also got to play with the cousins and enjoy a sunny day at the beach. Francie loves walking in the sand and sticking her feet in the ocean (cold!) Emmy brought a snow cone machine over, we walked to lunch at the Pixie Deli and had dinner with all the Arnerich and Kreefts. Claire found out about a bunch of college admissions including Boston College, Notre Dame and Tufts! Congrats smart little god-daughter :) Come visit more often Uncle Jerry!

Ella, Drew and Luke

Em and Francie sitting in the warm sand and watching the waves

Drewby the Beach Boy

Aunt Kim throwing the ball for Cosmo and Sophie

Sophers worn out!

Walking with Emmers

Relaxing on the patio and playing a new game called "Quirkle" with the Uncles and Jannie (it wasn't competitive at all;)

Champagne came out a LITTLE before 5:00pm, thanks UJ :)

Jannie and her brothers... everybody loves Baby Francie!

Francie and her Guncle John watching the sunset

Oh Silly Guncle John!