Top Five Signs Francie is Getting to Be a Big Girl...

5. Francie thinks she can drink from a real glass
and pesters Dad for sips of his water (no beer yet, don't worry)

"What? Don't give me that sippy cup."

4. Francie is eating real food
(even if it's only been a few times) and uses the spoon all by herself

"That's right. You see this spoon, I own it."

3. Francie has outgrown her little bathtub
"Seriously Mom, I'm way too big for this thing"

"Now this is more like it."

(*sidenote, YES I read the article that says the dirtiest place around is the kitchen sink... worse than shopping cart handles and airport bathroom stalls. I sanitized.)

Splashing about...

2. Francie is pushing 18 pounds
The little chubbette.

1. Francie sleeps in her crib all be herself now
She has been in the bassinet in our room until last week... the second night she slept from 9pm to 7am and (drumroll please) so did the dumb dogs!!

That's our big girl