Francie Gets To Try Food

Since Francie-pants is quickly approaching the 6 month mark we decided to give "real food" a try! We tried avocado the first night (after we decided on a whim to "just try it already" and our little Willow Market didn't have rice cereal) which our pediatrician said is fine to try as a first food... she wasn't so sure about the taste or texture but at least got to practice with a spoon and something with consistency. Tonight we had the Heffernans over for dinner, Kat, Claire, Francie and I hit Safeway on the way home so Rice Cereal made it in the cart. She probably managed to get a little bit in her tummy, but had fun getting most of it all over herself! Sorry for all the annoying "baby with food all over their face" pictures but to commemorate the big event here are a few....

"What IS this stuff Mom?!"

Yeah, not so sure...

Francie wanted to try it with this spoon (and yes, I think she is teething)

Heffs cooking away

Say "Ahhh"

"This stuff isn't so bad!"

"My turn"

"Just give me that bowl too please"