Catching Up

I haven't been a very good blogger since we've been back. I guess 9 days in a place with no phones, tv, or most importantly computers got me a little out of my groove :) I have had a busy week too, Francie and I have been at my office a lot getting the center in tip-top shape and starting a few new programs. I have my office all set up now with a crib, toys and all the baby crap (oops, did I call it crap?) I have never had an office before, I've tried but I always end up downstairs in the mix of things, but it isn't all that professional to work in the center with a crying baby so I'm getting used to a quiet place to work upstairs with the Doodle.

Here is a picture I just downloaded from my other camera... did anyone out there NOT know my mother was a former flight attendant? We usually play the countdown game when we get on an airplane: "How many seconds until Jan tells the crew she used to be a flight attendant?" 3... 2... 1...
She had Francie entertaining the crew for hours so I slept :)

This was another funny one from my other camera... I love the look Francie is giving me over her glasses