Francie's First Day of Spring!

Francie and I had a busy Friday...

She started the day swinging on her horsey watching the kids walk to school

Then Jannie and Francie and I headed up to San Francisco for Tea at Loejoys with the Coogan girls. Francie was SO entertained by little Hannah!

and loves her honorary Auntie Sarah (especially her pinkie finger apparently)

Francie is officially a thumb sucker, she hardly ever uses a binky anymore and switches back and forth between her right and left thumb

Showing off her teething toys to Anne

"Come here mom, gimme the camera nice and slow... I'm sick a' these pictures."

Then we went back to Jannie's for some fun in the backyard and to SWING!

And Auntie Baby Ann arrived home Friday night! She hadn't seen Francie-pants since Christmas vacation. Francie showed her how she eats real food sometimes now.

"Yeah, they make me do this... I don't get it"

"Banana's are tasting a little bit better in this yogurt stuff I guess"

"WHAT!? You fed me this hippie stuff?"

Auntie Baby ANn took this picture of her tiny toes

We had a girl's Easter Egg dying party too! Heff came home to have dinner with us then went back to the office for awhile to set up his new desk that finally arrived. We tried doing eggs with a "secret" technique for the "Best Decorated Easter Egg" contest (one of a few contests) on Sunday. I can't give ours away yet but here are the solids we did for the hunt.

The girls and lots of eggs (we haven't seen Baby Ann's "extreme" new bangs yet...)

Time to head home with a sleeping baby