Francie Goes to Kona Village

We're back! We spent 9 days in Kona Village on the big island of Hawaii and had a great vacation as a family. My parents were there for 7 nights and loved all the Francie time. She went swimming most days with her Dad (and sometimes with Mom when she wasn't too busy taking pictures), met lots of new friends (who asked at every meal to see "What Francie is wearing now!"), ate LOTS of good food and fruity drinks (well, at least her parents and grandparents did!) and enjoyed the sun and tropical breezes. We relaxed without computers, TV or even phones and enjoyed every minute of it. As you can guess, I have tons of photos so here are some of my favorites... (ok, maybe A LOT of my favorites)

Francie's Lei arrival

The whole crowd right of the plane and shown to our "hales" or huts

Our first big family vacation!

Jannie peaking through their hale porch looking to see if Francie can come out to play

Dressed for a life of leisure on the islands and ready for dinner

Good Morning! Ready for our first big breakfast at Kona... three HUGE meals everyday are included with your stay and we sure took advantage of every one of them

"I could get used to this..."

Hanging out with Mom

Poolside and biting her nails in anticipation of "being dunked" very soon by mom and dad

Her strategy... fall asleep so they don't throw me in that HUGE scary bath (she knows Jannie is a sucker for Francie and will save her)

We got a new stroller for the trip (can you ever have too many strollers?:) and turned it over to make a cozy bed whith a few beach towels

She's awake... time to swim! In her "Suri Suit" (she saw Suri Cruise in People Magazine and juts had to have this suit:) Still wary of all that water...

And she's in! holding on to Dad for dear life...

still not so sure about this swimming thing (well to give her some credit this pool was FREEZING! We moved to the kiddie area and "warm" hot tub soon after and she was a lot happier splashing around in the water) We dunked her under a lot to get her used to water on her head by blowing on her face to make her hold her breath then dunking her under! Jannie wasn't so sure about this whole thing but Francie never cried, just came up a little shocked:)

Walking to lunch and then hitting the beach

Kona sand fascinated Francie.. she loved playing with it and rubbing her toes in it

Jannie and Francie checking out the turtles

View of the Lodge

Dinner at the Hale Moana

Grandpa and Francie the next morning trying out the other pool by the "Shipwreck Bar" (Kona Village was founded by a guy who shipwrecked on the island and his boat still sits in the same spot... it functions now much better to serve Mai Tais and Pina Coladas!)

The Johnets with their grandbaby girl

Teeny Bikini! (thanks James and Em:)

Getting her toes wet with mom

"Now, you know Dad... these sunglasses are very important for my little eyes"

Baby Hollywood

Taking a break in her shade tent (yes, as you can see we brought lots of gear)

Mom AND Jannie in the pool?! Francie is in shock...

Francie was so worn out from a couple days in the sun she took a long nap on our bed in her swim cover-up. When we had to go to dinner we changed he into comfy clothes and she didn't ever wake up in the whole process!

Ready for bed in her Piggie-PJ's! (Leo and Jeanne Ware gave her these, the couple Heff and I have taken two pigs to for their ranch... very fitting:) Francie loves blowing bubbles like this now and she is a drooling machine

Ready for the pool and another day lounging in the sun

Our little Beach Bum!

Grandpa reading the paper in the shade

Loving the water now... splashing with Dad

In her coverup "Bubble Suit" and hat from Auntie Baby Ann (who picked this out five months ago for her Vandy graduation in May... hopefully it still fits then) we used to love Baby Ann in bubble suits!

"I bet you wish you were here too don't ya Auntie Baby Ann?" :) we don't feel that sorry for you, have fun in Cabo on your last Spring /break before you hit the real world!

Francie and Dad ready for the "Paniolo" Hawaii Cowboy dinner on Tuesday night... she's got her jean skirt on :)

Grandpa making us laugh listening to the "cowboy country" Hawaiian music

Francie met two new friends, Molli and Emma, at Kona. They were from Oregon and such a nice family... they helped entertain Francie in the pool and at dinners too. Here they are at the Paniolo dinner with Saltwater Sandals just like Francie!

Out for the count

Back to the pool and laughing at Daddy dunking himself under water

BLUE water! Mare and Francie down by the water

Francie in her rash guard playing with mom in the waves

I took over taking pictures and let Jannie watch/hold Francie in the sand where the waves rushed up on shore... pretty soon a HUGE wave came in and I yelled at Jan that "This is a big one!"

She scooped Francie up just a little too late! :)

"Thanks a lot Jannie."

But she's still a happy girl :)

A happy girl ready for dinner in her Hawaiian party dress

Swinging outside our hale

At the Bora Bora Bar with Dad

Francie sure loves Hawaii!

Grandpa and Jannie having Longboards and Mai Tais

"Hummm, what should I order next?"

Kona Beer, good choice

The Heffs!

We are so lucky to have this little girl and to have her along on our Hawaiian vacation... Heff and I were just engaged on our first February Hawaii trip in 06, pregnant with an unknown little bundle in 07 and now we have a Francie-pants in 08! We feel very blessed.


Francie and Dad checking out the "giant candles"

In her PJ's reading books in the morning while Dad reads the paper on the Lanai... not a bad way to start the day

All dressed up and ready to hit the breakfast table and the pool

What a big girl, floating around the kids pool by herself

Sunscreened up we called her "Casper"

Lounging around after lunch in her robe and sun glasses

A little haze came in one afternoon, Francie says "Excuse me? Where did my sun go?"

Time to explore the tide pools and look for turtles with Dad

There's one of the turtles right in front of our hale!

Grandpa loves his grandbaby girl

So does Jannie!

Grandpa breaking the law... you're not supposed to come within 20 feet of the turtles!

Guess who's getting some tummy time before dinner?

Yum, salty fingers

Dad and Grandpa in Hawaiian shirts for the Johnets last night!

The girls in their pashminas :)

Love that little butt-crack:) (and sharing with the world Francie's cute little mole on her bum:)

"You mean to tell me I have a whole extra day here and Jannie and Grandpa are leaving?!"

Francie after being dunked by Dad

Just hanging out with Dad

and mom giving me loving on the lanai

"You read the sign Mom... no dunking me under or letting waves crash on me over here"

Our last sunset

Until next time...