Francie Loves Her Dad!

Francie spent lots of quality time with her Dad today. We all had a great Sunday around the house today but I was busy baking and organizing stuff so Heff kept Francie entertained... and vice versa! She went with him to the hardware stores this morning (three of them before they found what the needed of course!) to get red paint to re-paint our front door the dogs had scratched up a bit. They went for a run together and Heff took Francie to church since I didn't time my baking very well, but she had a little meltdown at mass and had to come home early... at least she got her palm :) We had Sunday night dinner at the Johnet's with Corned Beef & Cabbage and all things green for St Patty's Day of course!

Francie has started SORT OF waving! I don't think she really means it, but it's pretty cute.

Looking cute in her little bubble-suit Jen brought from Barney's New York... spoiled little Francie-pants!

This is what I did today... Chocolate, Mint Chip and Bailey's Irish Cream cupcake batches (trying to make my SIL Kat proud :)

Trying to transport cupcakes to Sunday night dinner was not easy

But most of them made it there! You may wonder why I am obsessively taking pictures of cupcakes? One of the blogs I am addicted to (Google Reader makes it way too easy) is a cupcake blog that posts cute pictures of cupcakes from bakeries and ones people do themselves... I'm secretly hoping they'll post mine if I send them in :) I'll keep you posted.

Uncle Jerry and Francie

Who pulls off the "What are they doing to me now" look better?.... Francie or Sophie?

Flying "up in the air like a flight attendant" with Uncle James

Showing off her walking skills to her Uncles

Francie trying to give me a kiss!

Sleepy girl on Jannie

James and Em (nice shirt Uncle James)

Gary, Allison and Jerry

The Johnets, K-Bac, Ann & Earl