What Would We Do Without Jannie!?

We are so lucky to have Jannie!

I need to post a dedication and thanks to Jannie. Today was just a typical day, but for example this is why we love you Jannie... I called you at 8:45am (which everyone knows is early for you!) to tell you I forgot I had a dentist appointment and to ask if you could come to watch Francie while I got my teeth cleaned. You were showered and had your hair half way dried in record time to come along with me and help out (and show Francie off around the dentsit's office :) Then this afternoon you called us to see what we were doing and when I said I was trying to get a few things done at the office and Heff was working away you drove over to spend some time with Francie only to find the little "Doo" had fallen fast asleep! You weren't the least bit put out and just said, "Oh ok, I'll go back home then" and didn't even mind.

Jannie LOOOVES Francie and Francie LOOOVES Jannie!

We really appreciate all you do for us Jannie! We love our lunch dates and walks and mani-pedis and dinners and all the "over-the-top" things you do (and knit!) for Francie and for Heff and I on a daily basis. Francie is so lucky to have you and it will be fun to see your relationship grow. You are very respectful to Heff and I as parents, trusting our decisions and always asking us what we want you to do/say/help with Francie. She gets so excited when she sees you and loves your kisses, hugs and all the love. I know your Grandparents lived down the street from you growing up too and I hope you guys are just as close to Francie (except we all get in on the Palm Springs trips okay?:) (We LOVE and are very thankful for Grandpa, Oma and Opa too... what a lucky girl to have four fantastic grandparents she gets to see so often!!)

Jannie sure is a lot of fun! Tuesday night she went to the Keith Urban/Carrie Underwood concert with Kathy Bacolini and they called me at least three times yelling over the crowd "You hear this one Mare?!" and I heard reports she was text messaging her college age friends and nieces to meet up during intermission... apparently she had an entourage of twenty-somethings :)

Wednesday night Francie got to hang out at Jannie's for THREE HOURS all by herself! She entertained the troops but I also heard reports (and was sent camera phone messages from an un-named source) that JANNIE let Francie-pants teeth on marinated frozen chicken breasts in plastic bags! Humm... interesting tactic Jannie... we still love you:)

Jannie and Heff are experts at getting Francie to go right to sleep on their shoulder (Francie knows I have a little more to offer:)

And Jannie has been there almost everyday since day one

We had a fun first few weeks (months!) letting Jannie take good care of us all

Francie is spoiled with a nursery full of fun toys and "vintage" baby stuff!


We love you and Grandpa too!!!