Francie's Sunny Sunday

It was such a nice day Sunday we walked to church for 11:00 mass. We usually go to the 5pm mass when we go, but that can cut into afternoon cocktail hour. We got moving early, motivated by Bloody Mary's and beers at Mike's Cafe down the street for brunch since they just got their liquor license. They were worth it :) Francie spent some time outside on the grass checking out the daffodils dad planted that just bloomed. Then we went to our neighbors for the afternoon and to the Johnet's for Sunday night dinner.

"Take that daffodil"

Smiling girl

"Look Ma, two hands"

Francie and her Daddy at the neighbors house

Cute little Alexa peeling her orange she picked off the tree

Afternoon drinks outside with the neighbors

and the kids giving the dads a workout

Francie pants and Dad