Francie's Sunny Monday

We had a great Monday... Francie and I went to work for awhile at lunch time to meet with the girls who are the Directors of Academic Trainers and Brilliant Babies to check in. Then we checked in with Dr. Cisco's office to make sure Fracnie-doodle didn't have an ear infection.. she has been kind of pulling on her left ear, but he said she looks good and not to worry. Then we had some playtime on the grass in the front yard since it was a nice sunny day (a break from the rains!) and capped our afternoon off with a 2 hour walk with Moriah and Baby Natalie who live across the fence. We stopped at the park and Francie tried out the swings for the second time in her life! Dad took her for her first time on his run this weekend :) She LOVED to swing!

Afternoon playtime outside

"Does my hair look OK mom?"

Francie loves playing with her toys now! Aunt Mimi gave her these fun John Deere animals on their tractor

Tummy time

Snuggling with mom and getting her daily dose of vitamin D

Is it bad that the thought passing through my head when taking this picture was "This would be a good obituary photo for old Sage"

Ollie the fierce beast protecting his family in the front yard (where were you when they stole that car out of our driveway Ollie?)

Sitting up and laughing at mom cursing the dogs ;)

She's happy even when she tips over!

And a few more photos from last night hanging out with Dad after the Superbowl... he sure can make her laugh!