Francie's Sunday

Francie is gearing up for her trip to Hawaii and sporting her sunglasses from James and Em :) We took advantage of the nice weather Sunday (back to rain today) and walked downtown Palo Alto to see the "Tour of California" prologue bike races. Francie didn't like all the cow bells, whistles and horns as the motorcycle, followed by bike rider followed by trailing car raced by at 35 mph! She grabbed Heff's arm so tight she left marks in his skin :) We also had two of the couples we've met through our babies, Icie, Bert and Estelle and Paige, Chris and Wesley over for an impromtu brunch Sunday as they both live within walking distance and Heff made a huge batch of pancakes and sausage... glad they could come over so I didn't have to eat them all!

The babies were of course little angels and played while we enjoyed our pancakes and mimosas :)

Francie already bracing herself for the next biker...

Just chillin with my Whoozit