Francie Logging Miles in Her Stroller

Saturday Heff took Francie for a run in the jogging stroller bright and early over to Stanford Chapel and back, they did their usual routine stopping for coffee for Dad and at the swings for Francie. She comes home and crashes for a few hours, perfect for Mom's schedule! We all got moving and walked downtown to Heff's office to hang the map John is lending Heff for his new office, picked up some beers on the walk home and then walked to Mark and Sarah's for a delicious "Hot Pot" dinner with some of their friends!

WOW! This is this original map of San Mateo County from 1894... John bought it at a bookstore 20 years ago and it was hanging in his old office at Ropers for most of that time. Heff picked it up Friday and they had to take the top off the elevator in the building to get it out! It is perfect for Heff, the real estate attorney and Watson, the Will & Trust attorney. Francie thinks it's pretty cool...

Outfit change at the office necessary :) Notice the new carpet and nice new wall boards Heff installed while we were there...

This might be a good way to watch Francie growing taller! She is up to the "South Boundary" right now :)

Thanks Dad!

All dressed again and loving that new carpet smell :)

A walking machine ready to head out to Mark and Sarah's with beer in her buggy

Check out this spread

We boiled meet, vegetables, tofu and all kinds of spicy stuff into the night :)

Francie finally realized she has dogs. It is actually pretty cute to watch her laugh at them... but still doesn't improve the standing of the dogs in this house. :)