Francie's W.T. Playdate

Paige and Wesley had us all over to their place Friday for a "White Trash" themed playdate :) Paige went all out and had White Castle Burgers, Tater-Tot Fries, Snow Balls, Pork Rinds, Beef Jerky and Franzia (wine-in-a-box) just to name a few of the snacks! We had a really fun afternoon watching the babies start to notice each other more (Estelle was the youngest at 4 months and Leo the oldest at almost 7 months) and even steal some toys from each other! very appropriate for the theme i guess :)

Here was Francie's outfit... cut off jean shorts (or "jorts" as Dad calls them) with her camo dress, hat, binky, deer slippers and camo Lovey Jannie bought her from Wal-Mart to top it all off.

"I LOVE this Lovey Jannie!" Wes looking wishing all these babies hadn't invaded his double wide...

Ummm, both dreaming of the day they too can suck on pork rinds...

or just fingers...

Wes getting some lovin from Mom

"It's okay Wes, someday we'll get them back for dressing us up like this."

Fuzzy Navels and Franzia in the baby's bathtup... nice touch Paige

Francie and Isaac with attitude

"Hope he isn't looking at my bald spot"

What went wrong?... the chain reaction

and here comes Leo looking hot in his wife beater

Lindsey and Issac pulling off the theme well

Erika and Leo

Estelle ready to lounge around the Trailer Park pool...
"Francie's Mom, you blog this picture and you're dead meat!"

Estelle says "Take her picture, she looks just as ridiculous as I do..."
Josie hiding from the camera "I know my mom made me wear this stupid shirt"

Francie joins in... "Don't listen to them Josie, we all look ridiculous"

Francie and Mom

Jordie sporting the coozie for her wine cooler with Cozy Josie

Icie and Estelle

The babes... Estelle, Francie, Josie, Isaac, Wesley and Leo

...with their mommies

Line em up...

Francie too busy posing for the camera to realize Leo took her favorite Lovey

"Um, I think that is mine Leo."

"Fine, take it back Francie"... "Not with all your boy cooties and slober on it Leo!"

The playdates that never end... yup, we started at noon and it is after 6pm by the time we cracked the champagne

Francie in her evening-wear rolling the sticky ball in her feet, that's my girl

Until the next playdate just remember--
... (the button says "My Mommy Group Can Beat up Your Mommy Group")