Mad Baby

Monday I had a marathon day at work from 8am to 8pm = too much! It was just a weird day that I had to get a new morning program started, interview a bunch of people and train 25 new tutors. Heff was a big help and took Francie in the morning (for an even longer run than usual!) then brought her to my office at 10. We had a nice lunch date with Jannie and Francie was a trooper hanging out with me in the office most of the day. She napped in her stroller in her little sailor dress dad dressed her in this morning. :) Then Heff came at 6pm to take her home while I did the training... well I guess she started to fuss when they got home and Heff remembered I had left a bottle in the fridge with a little milk in case he needed it (we've never needed to give her a bottle before, I know you are supposed to introduce the bottle and all that, but it's always seemed to be a lot of work when she's a good night sleeper and with me all day) SO Heff gave her the bottle, which she took but seemed fussy drinking it down and started screaming afterwards... and she continued screaming for almost 2 hours until I got home. Jannie called at some point and heard Francie screaming her head off in the background so she came to see if she could help. Heff told her he gave her a bottle and she just got MAD. Jannie asked if maybe he heated it up too much and he realized... "I'm supposed to warm it up." So she got a bottle the same temperature as Dad's beer :)

Today we had Mommy Baby group and then lunch with a bunch of the moms and Dad took us out for dinner. Tomorrow... Francie has a doctor's appointment which means shots. Poor little chicken legs! (except she doesn't have chicken legs anymore... Heff calls them Ham Hocks now)