Francie's Feet

We probably don't read as many development books as we should (burned out after 28 pregnancy books I guess!) but since we get to see cousin Isabel and Ronan go through the stages we have been talking about what we get to see her do next. Francie is 4 months old today and we have been watching for her to "find her feet" and for the big roll over. She doesn't seem to be too close to rolling over yet but I think this is what they mean when they say she will "find her feet"!

"Hey what are those things?"

"They look pretty interesting..."

"I think I can reach them..."

"I see um..."

"I got one!!!"

"Hi foot... meet my hand. Hand... meet foot."

"You mean I have two of these things?!"

"Wait... those kinda look like more thumbs too!"

"Did you see that Dad... I'm pretty talented huh?"


"You crack me up daddy!"

"I'm ready for my nap now mom"

Yup.. she's done.