John and Emmy Turn 21

We spent New Years Eve in Aptos celebrating cousin Emmy and John's big 21st birthday... It was a "Black & White" themed party but Francie couldn't find a suitable outfit in her closet so she wore her favorite party dress. She was a big hit at the party, but not as big as the Wii Jannie scored at Target that morning for Em and John! Johners gave a really nice toast to his parents and Kathy and Rich put on a great party. Aunt Kaky said she remembered being in a hospital room 21 years ago, looking at the two little isolettes thinking "Oh my God, one day these two will turn 21 on New Years Eve!" Of course John has been 21 for quite some time according to the ID in his wallet :) We had fun with the Aptos crowd, but hit the road around 10:30pm to be home before the party-goers hit Highway 17 so we watched the ball drop at home and put Francie-Doodle to bed in the New Year. Happy Birthday Emmy and Johners!


Em, Kelly Kinion and Mimi with the party girl Francie-pants

Cute Aunt Kaky and Uncle Rich passing the cheese-puffs

She's legal!

Claire "just-finished-my-college-applications" Kreeft with Francie who says "How many years until I have to worry about all that Claire?"

Johners and his girlfriend Linda

Kaky, the newly named "Auburn-Fox"

"What do I see my Ganty Kaky doing over there with those kids??"

She's taking a tequila shot Francie... and it's not her first one either!

Em and her friend Kristen with the Doodle

"ED-E-BODY loves Aunt Kaky!"

It's New Years AND their 21st?! Calls for another shot :)

Cousin Drew joined us after his OTHER party.. sporting his brand new glasses, looking good Drewby!

Does this picture have "my-new-Facebook-profile-pic" written all over it or what?

The girls

Heff taking good care of his baby girl

"Get me home in time to see the ball drop Dad!"

We love you Em and John! Hope the rest of the night was fun and Emmy made it to midnight :)