Francie Goes to Red Bluff

Francie likes Red Bluff... She's been sleeping, eating and being passed around to lots of hands. We've been enjoying being taken care of by Claire and Cathleen, Francie and I hung out around the house today while Heff had a meeting and went out on the ranch to sight his rifle for the upcoming deer season. I left Francie for the first time today! While Heff was at his meeting I ran an errand with cousin Margaret in Redding to get a carseat for Claire's car. Francie was very good for her grandma and slept the whole time while Oma knit. We're ready for the Tehama County Fair tomorrow!

Here she is meeting her Opa

Sleeping on her Oma

Claire multi-tasking, knitting a cute pink and white hat

Aunt Kat and Francie before dinner

Cosuin Margaret (Ronan's Mom) with Francie

Cousin Ronan is only 4 months older than Francie... we'll have 7 cousins under 5 years old at the Heffernan Christmas this year, lots of fun!

Three generations of "First Born" Heffernans!

Cooing for her dad

"Noodle baby" at the dinner table

Our favorite activity in Red Bluff. Claire, Margaret and Cathleen playing board games, no Super Scrabble this trip yet :)

Tired out and ready for bed