Francie's First Road Trip

Francie caught up on some sleep while we packed up ALL the gear for a trip to Red Bluff to visit Oma and meet Opa, Aunt Cathleen, Margaret and Baby Ronan. Thank goodness we have big cars! She was great on the car ride and slept the whole way... even with a 45 minute delay for a accident that closed the road (no complaints from us for the delay, just happy to arrive safely... you get a lot more paranoid about stuff when you have a baby!) and everyone in Red Bluff was excited to see Francie.

Heff thinks Francie sleeps like a "stinkbug" all curlled up with her little bum in the air. (She usually sleeps on her back like she's suppsoed to, she's just trying out her crib for a few minutes here:)

"MOM!!" I woke her up from a peaceful sleep to get her ready for her first trip to Red Bluff... this is her onesie from Auntie Baby Ann at Vandy

Jannie helping change her... boy, is she going to miss Francie for the next three days!

Francie in her leisure suit comfy for a car trip

Dad loaded up the car for us and is getting Francie ready to go in her camo carseat for the first time