Francie's Crazy Uncles

Poker Face: I think my brothers James and Jerry are anxious to get Francie dealt into their card games. Jerry sent me an email saying: "I was reading, thought this was a great pic, downloaded it, one thing lead to another..."
James and Jerry are both so excited to be uncles for the first time... Francie better be ready for her crazy uncles to dote on her for a long time :) They both claimed they knew she would be a "first girl" (like her mom and grandma) to boss around future grandchildren and rule the roost. Jerry called her "MJ" when she was born and my mom said "No Jerry, it's Mary Frances... MF" to which Jerry responded "No MJ for Mary Junior!"

Uncle Jerry and "Mary Junior"

Unlce James in SF Giants colors meeting Francie for the first time (she's only 2 hours old in this picture!)

The boys live in San Francisco in an apartment near the ballpark. Jerry especially LOVES Giant's games and Barry Bonds. They went to Barry's last game as an SF Giant last night and sent Francie a picture of the sign they made for the game that was apparently very popular with the crowd. If you aren't a Giant's fan, Barry's record breaking Home Run ball was purchased by some guy who wanted the public to vote and decide what should be done with it:

Option 1: Send to the Hall of Fame
Option 2: Send to the Hall of Fame with an Asterisk (saying the record was tainted by possible steriod use)
Option 3: Launch into Outer Space
"With over 10 million votes recorded and tabulated, the results are clear..."